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Synulox Palatable Drops

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Synulox Palatable Drops have a notably broad spectrum of bactericidal activity against bacteria commonly found in dogs and cats.
In vitro Synulox is active against a wide range of clinically important aerobic and anaerobic bacteria including:
Staphylococci (including β-lactamase producing strains); Clostridia; Corynebacteria; Peptostreptococcus spp; Streptococci
Bacteroides spp. (including β-lactamase producing strains); Escherichia coli (including most β-lactamase producing strains); Salmonellae (including β-lactamase producing strains); Bordetella bronchiseptica; Campylobacter spp; Fusobacterium necrophorum; Klebsiellae; Pasteurellae; Proteus spp.
Clinically Synulox has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of diseases of cats and dogs including: Skin disease (including deep and superficial pyodermas); soft tissue infections (abscesses and anal sacculitis); dental infections (eg gingivitis); urinary tract infections; respiratory disease (involving upper and lower respiratory tract); enteritis.

Legal Category: POM-V

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