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Formtex - Poultice

Size: Pack of 12
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FormTex is a very versatile natural poultice dressing for animal use. FormTex is a dressing containing Boric Acid and Tragacanth and has the following properties: Non woven low adherent skin contact layer -helps to reduce damaging the relevant area when removed and protects sensitive skin. The internal cotton wool layer gives the dressing a resilient structure, which is especially useful when used wet. FormTex can be useful protectively against the possibility of rubbing, etc. The green plastic backing helps to keep out any external contamination, but also helps in retaining moisture and avoids heat loss. Wounds of any nature at times can become infected. If your animal has a large wound which is infected you should call a vet immediately, particularly if your horse is showing signs of distress. However, a wide range of conditions - including wounds

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