Veterinary pharmaceuticals are tightly regulated by law and many require a Veterinary Prescription. Products requiring a prescription are classified as POM-V (Prescription Only Medicines). These can only be dispensed upon receipt of a written veterinary prescription. 

What is a prescription?

A prescription is a written instruction from your vet stating the drug name, the amount to be supplied and the dose to be administered. The prescription should also contain details about the patient (name, age, sex, etc), and a signed declaration stating that the animal is under the care of the prescribing veterinary surgeon. Specific details on what should be included in a prescription is available here.

How much do Prescriptions Cost?

The cost of a prescription is at the discretion of the prescribing veterinary surgeon and costs can vary widely. Most will charge a fee and they are usually only valid for a maximum of 6 months. Prescriptions for Controlled Drugs are only valid for 28 days. Your vet is obliged to provide you with a prescription if requested provided it is for a medication they would be willing to prescribe themselves.

How do I get a Prescription?

WebVet Pharmacy are only able to supply POM-V medications against prescriptions that have been signed by a veterinary surgeon whose name appears on the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) register as a practicing vet.

Ordering a Prescription Only Medication: 

To order a prescription only (POM-V) medication

  1. You must obtain a signed written prescription from your veterinary surgeon
  2. You then need to select the required medication from our online store and upload the signed prescription when prompted to do so
  3. One of our veterinary surgeons will check the details you have provided against the prescription written by your veterinary surgeon (sometimes we may need to contact them to verify some details and by uploading the prescription you are consenting to us doing this.)
  4. Once all the details are verified, we will dispatch the medications direct to your door (deliveries are only available within the UK).

NB: We can ONLY dispense EXACTLY what is written on your prescription from your veterinary surgeon so please ensure this is correct before submitting your order to avoid delays. It is important to make sure the name on the prescription matches the name of the person placing the order and the quantities/products ordered are the same.

Uploading vs Posting your prescription: 

Uploading a copy of your prescription to our website when prompted is the simplest way and quickest way to place your order. However, there are a few instances when this is NOT possible:

  1. If it is stated on your prescription that only the original is acceptable, then you will need to post your prescription to us. 
  2. For the supply of Controlled Drugs you must post the original prescription to us we cannot accept digital or photocopies. (All controlled drugs will be clearly labeled on the product page).
  3. If you are posting your prescription please write your order number on the top of the prescription to speed up processing.
  4. If your prescription is for multiple items and we are unable to supply some of the items, these will need to be acquired from an alternative pharmacy. You will then have to post the original prescription to us so the supplied items can be signed off.

NB: When posting a prescription to WebVet Pharmacy, please send the original document. We cannot accept photocopies.

If you are having difficulties uploading your prescription you can upload a blank document to allow you to add the item to your cart then email your prescription to We CANNOT process orders for prescription only medication without a prescription, so any delays in receiving the prescription will ultimately result in a delay in your order being processed, dispatched and delivered. 


Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions may be dispensed a specified number of times whilst the prescription remains valid  

Any repeats not claimed within the validity period will be lost.

Controlled Drugs

Controlled drugs are those defined in  schedules 2-4 of the misuse of drugs regulations 2001.

To facilitate the supply of Controlled Drugs the original written prescription must be received by post. We cannot accept any other format including (digital or photocopies)

Controlled Drugs must be purchased in one single order within 28 days of the date recorded on the signed prescription. Repeat prescriptions are not permitted.

POM-V medications - Returns

The law states that, we cannot accept returns for POM-V prescription medicines under any circumstances

Prescription misuse

It is a criminal offence to misuse a veterinary prescription this includes (but is not limited to): 

  1. submitting a prescription to multiple pharmacies in an attempt to acquire more medication than has been prescribed
  2. Submitting a fraudulent prescription
  3. Altering a prescription (even only a little bit…it’s still illegal!)

We routinely perform spot checks with prescribing veterinary surgeons to ensure the prescriptions provided are in fact genuine and have not been altered, and by ordering from us you consent to the use of your data for this purpose.

We are legally required to report any prescription misuse to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) who will investigate and instigate legal proceedings if deemed appropriate. 

Fraudulent prescriptions will result in your order being canceled, any refund will be at WebVet Pharmacy’s discretion and will be minus an administration fee of £25. You may be banned from ordering from WebVet Pharmacy in the future. 

We take prescription misuse very seriously and all suspected cases will be investigated by our team. 



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