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Showing 1 - 24 of 70 products
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Remend Corneal Repair Gel
Elanco Remend Corneal Repair Gel
Sale priceFrom £11.50 Regular price£18.99
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Peptizole  370mg/g Oral Paste for Horses
Norbrook Peptizole 370mg/g Oral Paste for Horses
Sale priceFrom £18.00 Regular price£118.89
Equipred 50mg Tablets (Box of 100)
Equisolon Powder 9g Sachets
Regumate Equine 0.22%
MSD Regumate Equine 0.22%
Sale priceFrom £45.99
Prascend 1mg Tablets
Mediwool Duo - Cotton Wool (2x15cm)
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Ventipulmin Granules
Boehringer Ingelheim Ventipulmin Granules
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4CYTE Epiitalis Forte - Horse
4Cyte 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte - Horse
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Eraquell Oral Paste
Virbac Eraquell Oral Paste
Sale price£8.99
Audevard Ekyflogyl
Sale price£32.99
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Osphos 51mg/ml (clodronate) Injection
Dechra Osphos 51mg/ml (clodronate) Injection
Sale price£324.99 Regular price£399.99
Cartrophen Injection (10ml Vial)
Covetrus Needles
Sale price£10.00
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Equipalazone - Original or Apple Flavoured
Poultice Formtex Animalintex
Vetrol Formtex - Poultice
Sale price£48.99
Cohesive Bandage - Pack of 18 - 10cm x 4.5cmCohesive Bandage - Pack of 18 - 10cm x 4.5cm
Vetivex 1 - 0.9% Sterile Saline
Equiwrap Cohesive Bandage 10cmEquiwrap Cohesive Bandage 10cm
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Tensoplast Adhesive Bandage
BSN Tensoplast Adhesive Bandage
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Trimediazine 50g Sachets (Box of 10)

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